the wake up call
some relevant information about my trip to paris
  • i spotted Louis Garrel twice while he was riding his bicycle around the city, i saw a perfect barney stinson look a like (omg i swear it was unbelievable!) and they were shooting a movie at night in the street under my hotel room’s window
  • the amount of crocs wearing tourists and asians in luxury shops was overwhelming
  • ladurĂ©e macarons are not the best ones
  • someone called me something that can be translated as “sassy cat”. they meant it in a bad way but i loved it and i was like “i can’t hear your bullshit over my fabulousness”
  • i am italian but i can speak both english and french quite well. i noticed that french people get annoyed when you speak to them in english so from that moment i talked to them only in english with the most obnoxious american accent i could manage for the sake of it.
  • second hand stores and makets in paris are amazing
  • the end
  • oh, and apparently liam payne from one direction was in venice airport the same day at the same time as me but i didn’t see him.
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  1. 520zimbabwelad said: The American accent thing is amazing, must do that
  2. mariacarlabosscono said: really laduree macarons not the best? :(
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